The Open Playing Field

Chess has never been a discipline in the Olympic Games, yet it is always deemed a marginal contender. So, it was time to shine a little light on the unsung hero that is chess, promoting it as a serious mind sport. A battle of strategy over physical strength. 

The Olympics is a leading sporting event with a list of disciplines as long as our arms but there’s still no sign of chess. It lurks in the shadows of the perceived ‘bigger and better’ sports. Chess uses mental prowess instead of physical prowess. It's harnessed brain power. The need for skill, logistics and competitive balance. The 12-page digital tabloid is a first volume promotion of chess as an intellectual mind sport by chess organisation, In Check, distributed as an insert within sport-dominant newspapers, aimed at encouraging sports fans and readers to watch or indeed try a game of chess over a kick-about in the park. 

Typographic play suggests the speed and precision of gameplay as well as chess having its very own rules and unique scoring methods. The benefits of chess are elevated as well as the emotions experienced during gameplay to accentuate the intense nature of the game, using snippets of potential commentary that likens it to any other high-adrenaline physical sport. 

It’s just as captivating to watch or indeed, to play. Chess is a double-edged game that can keep spectators and players alike on the edge of their seats for hours.