What They Didn’t Teach You

Following the global success of the design student book ‘What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School’, Phil Cleaver wanted designed excerpts for his upcoming second edition. This time, with bolder impact and even more words of advice for students fresh from university and stepping out into industry.

Students love a good critical guide, learning the do’s and don’ts and the unwritten rules of design, as there are real nuggets of great information that are generally skimmed over at design school. Yet many of these books are needlessly large and heavy. Phil Cleaver’s publication is practical without being overly technical, so opting for a format that supports the best reading experience, a good size for holding his ideas and immediate referencing seemed best.

Slightly wider than the first edition, the book is aimed to be an experimental, dynamic ‘playbook’ to excite the readership. Different orientations, punchy colours, subtle imagery, variants of paper and content that is rotated, tilted and pivoted across the pages is all honed in within a grid framework to avoid it being too chaotic.

The hardcover and perfect bound book (128 x 175mm) would feature an inner stream of black and white pages, printed on an uncoated paper stock, that walks hand-in-hand with a pop of vibrant red quotation spreads, on a smoother paper stock and all of this adds to the diversity in the physical feel of the pages. The book would be completed with a debossed finishing for the cover, adding a distinctive touch to the finished job, retaining all the qualities of a high-end design book. Carrying it around will not feel like a chore. It will be a book that can be used with ease, time and time again for their leap from design student to design professional.